Statement of American-Turkish Council Regarding Current Bi-Lateral Business Relations

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Statement of American-Turkish Council Regarding Current Bi-Lateral Business Relations

American-Turkish Council urges increased dialogue, implores a return to the negotiating table

The American-Turkish Council is deeply troubled by the U.S. Administration’s increased steel and aluminum tariffs levied against Turkey. The tariffs do not make business sense and will hurt the American companies and workers who rely on Turkish metals to meet their customers’ needs.

The business relationship between Turkey and the United States has historically been based on mutual respect and cooperation. The ATC implores the Trump Administration to reconsider this escalation of a trade war that is without winners and to resolve this dispute at the negotiating table.

The ATC strongly believes we must join forces as the American-Turkish business community to encourage our respective governments to find positive terms and common ground to anchor the relationship. We must inspire increased dialogue, seek greater collaboration, and support the efforts to strengthen our trade and investment ties in the near, medium, and long term.

Over the years, the American-Turkish Council has played a crucial role to bridge the divide between the American and Turkish governments and to strengthen and enhance the U.S.-Turkey bilateral commercial relationship. The American-Turkish Council leadership is utilizing every tool at our disposal to be a constructive player and to help both sides find a solution and restore the relationship to a better condition.