ATC welcomes Feka Construction as its newest Golden Horn Member

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September 7, 2017
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September 14, 2017

ATC welcomes Feka Construction as its newest Golden Horn Member

Feka Construction was founded in 1985 to provide services in the entire range of General Contracting Industry. With its team of aspiring professionals equipped with the competencies and skills demanded by the complexity of the changing industry and innovative techniques required by the state of the art engineering practices, FEKA also provides extensive project management, operation & maintenance services and offers knowledge-driven solutions for complex construction projects as General Contractor and also as EPC Contractor.

Between 1985 to 2006, Feka has completed many projects in Turkey such as buildings, bridges, highways, and industrial facilities. FEKA, working in Afghanistan since 2006, has completed more than 300 projects in the country. They have current ongoing power projects with USACE, NATO, UK Army, DABS, MEW, and MUDA. Besides Afghanistan, FEKA is currently operative in Libya, Iraq and Sub-Saharian Africa as well.

The primary fields FEKA is specialized on include, but are not limited to energy projects, power generation projects, industrial facilities, buildings, road & infrastructure projects, defense projects as well as operation & maintenance projects.

The ATC is thrilled to welcome Feka Construction to the ATC business community. Feka’s presence is crucial to our work in service of U.S.-Turkey business relations and we look forward to working closely with them moving forward.