Anadolu Etap Becomes Newest Golden Horn Member of the ATC

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November 18, 2016
Terma North America Joins the American-Turkish Council
November 21, 2016

Anadolu Etap Becomes Newest Golden Horn Member of the ATC

The American-Turkish Council welcomes Anadolu Etap as our newest Golden Horn Member.

Anadolu Etap was established in cooperation with Anadolu Group, Ozgorkey Holding and Brazil-based Cutrale Group to continue their activities with the strategy of being one of the Europe’s leading fruit juice producing and fresh fruit growing companies.

They started investing in plantations in 2010 in order to meet the demand of high-quality raw material for their own plants and also the demand in the fresh fruit industry. As of 2015, Anadolu Etap has reached 3.5 million planted fruit trees in five different regions on 6 different farms.

Their goal is to reach 10 million fruit trees on a 5000 ha of land in 2020. The biggest fruit growth project of Turkey, Anadolu Etap is also the first company to publish the Sustainable Agriculture Principles in 2014. Anadolu Etap provides continuous service its customers ranging from America to Japan.

The ATC is looking forward to this partnership and applauds Anadolu Etap on their growth and expansion in the fresh fruit industry.